IRS Ruling Offers Aid On 2009 RMDs

by | Sep 28, 2009 | Cash Flow, News For KFG Clients

IRAAccording to IRA guru Ed Slott, IRA Owners and Plan Participants can now put back unwanted RMDs for 2009.

RMDs were waived for 2009, but the relief came late in 2008 causing some people to take withdrawals that were not required. This Notice provides retroactive relief for IRA owners and spouse beneficiaries by allowing them to rollover (put back) 2009 RMDs received earlier this year. IRS is waiving the 60-day rollover deadline to permit any IRA owner, plan participant, or their spouse beneficiary to undo the 2009 RMD, regardless of when in 2009 they took the unwanted RMD.

If you think you qualify, the deadline has been extended to November 30, 2009 or 60 days from the date the funds were received, whichever is later. This means if you received an RMD (which was not required) in January or March, for example, you now has the option of rolling those funds back into  a tax-deferred account.

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