Using A Debit Card? Say “Credit”

by | Oct 7, 2005 | Cash Flow

If you are a debit card user, there is a little-known tip you can use to eliminate paying any fee associated with your debit card, increase any card rewards, and pick up a little extra fraud protection.  How do you do that?  After you swipe your debit card and are asked, “Debit or Credit,” say “Credit.”  You will be asked to sign the receipt, just like a credit card, rather than enter your PIN.  Can you do that?  Absolutely.  Yet, according to Money Magazine (Oct 2005), 70% of debit card holders didn’t know they could choose either option for their debit card.  The only time a debit card holder needs to enter a PIN number is at the ATM machine when you are needing cash back.

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