Why We Need Your Tax Return

tax-return.jpgI’ll guess KFG clients may get weary at times with our continual reminders that we need a copy of your most recent tax return. Some of you may even wonder why we need it. Here is what we are doing when we receive your return:

  1. We verify and/or collect information such as social security numbers, your children’s names and social security numbers, addresses, your accountant’s information, etc.
  2. We want to make sure you are deducting our fees, if you can.
  3. We determine your taxable situation so we know if you can use gains or losses.
  4. In providing you with an annual retirement/cashflow plan, we collect or verify income sources and amounts, verify or discover assets that we may not have known about, etc.
  5. We have at times found errors on the returns, just because we know a lot about our clients’ financial situations.

If you haven’t sent us your 2007 tax return, please do so. You can mail us a copy, scan a copy and email it to us, or drop the original by the office and we will scan it and return it to you within minutes.

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