Community Education Class-Emotions & Money

Emotions & Money

Instructor: Sarah Swantner and/or Rick Kahler

Thursday, 10/12, 4:00-6:00PM

Cost: $25.00 per session

Even the seemingly cold and calculating world of investing is driven by emotions! Economic theory is being skewed as economists realize consumers are making irrational decisions not in their best interests. Just like an alcoholic, we become intoxicated on easy credit, financial entitlements, and living a lifestyle that’s a lie!  Money touches everything in our lives and understanding that relationship is a 21st Century survival skill. Wean yourself from financial dependency by learning to identify beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck on overspending, underspending, risk taking, workaholism, unfulfilling jobs, and poor investments.  Discover time-tested principles to recognize and take action, identify where your values/integrity part ways with your financial behavior. Take control of your life and save your loved ones from the same path! Each class incorporates a different approach to identifying your money beliefs and patterns. Prior to class, registered students may send questions to be answered in class to

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Community Education of the Black Hills

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