Get Started On Your Ethical Will

by | Apr 8, 2010 | Estate Planning

The ancient ethical will is a beautiful tool for those who don’t want their legal will to be their only “last words.” Updated for a modern audience, the ethical will is a non-binding personal legacy letter (or recording) that is attached as a side document to legal documents.

I wanted to let you know about upcoming teleclasses by Susan Turnbull, the leading ethical will expert in the U.S., that might be of interest to you.

April 14: Introducing Ethical Wills Into Client Conversations
April 28: Strengthening “Trust” in Trustees: Creating a Letter of Wishes for Trustees
May 5: The Wealth of Life: Getting Started on Your Ethical Will

Classes are each $40 and start at 2:00 PM EST. The April 14th class runs 75 minutes; the others are 60 minutes. To read about them and sign up: http://www.personallegacyadvisors.com/store

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