106 Things We Do For Clients, No. 16

by | Mar 8, 2017 | *Financial Awakenings, Fee Only Financial Planning

No. 16 of 106 Things We Do For Clients

Assist you in devising a plan to protect your assets from being depleted by a judgement resulting from a frivolous lawsuit. Most people rest on the fact that they have liability insurance to protect them from their assets being grabbed through a court-ordered judgement. Most of them don’t realize many things can happen that would result in them having insufficient insurance coverage or none at all. If your insurance company declines your claim, goes bankrupt during your lawsuit, doesn’t provide enough coverage, or has lapsed due to an oversight in payment, what do you do? The answer is that you lose your hard-earned assets to a judgement creditor, unless you have done very intentional asset protection planning. With good asset protection in place, you can sleep knowing that if your insurance fails you, your assets can still be safe from the reach of a judgement creditor.

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