106 Things We Do For Clients, No. 48

by | Oct 25, 2017 | *Financial Awakenings, Fee Only Financial Planning

No. 48 of 106 Things We Do For Clients

Help you choose specific assets.

By doing extensive research on the available financial assets (mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, etc.) we help you choose the appropriate assets for each class in your portfolio. It’s not enough to know what asset classes you need in your portfolio and how much of each. You also need to know what specific stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or ETF’s to invest in within each asset class. Numbers vary over time, but typically there are over 7,000 mutual funds, 5,000 ETF’s, 20,000 publicly traded US company stocks, and 80,000 international publicly traded companies. We use our 35 years of experience to do all the hard work of sorting through all the options to find the right mix of the best cost-effective securities for each asset class.

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