106 Things We Do For Clients, No. 63

by | Feb 7, 2018 | *Financial Awakenings, Fee Only Financial Planning

No. 63 of 106 Things We Do For Clients

Suggest alternatives to lower your taxes.

It’s been said there are two tax codes, one for those who are informed and one for the uninformed. There are 73,943 pages in the US tax code, and it’s the responsibility of every taxpayer to read it and apply it correctly to their financial situation. You will never receive a letter from the IRS saying that you missed applying a tax strategy that would have lowered your taxes, so a refund check is enclosed. We are not tax preparers and we have not read every page of the tax code. Still, we spend a reasonable amount of time keeping up with the latest changes to the code and the strategies to help our clients pay only their fair share of taxes, and nothing more.

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