Bob Veres Article on Meaning of Fee-only Financial Planning

Bob VeresFinancial journalist Bob Veres takes an insightful look at what fee-only financial planning really means in a September 8 article published at

The article is titled “What is “Fee-Only?” Is the CFP Board Taking the Right Approach to Defining it?” You can read it here.

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One Response to Bob Veres Article on Meaning of Fee-only Financial Planning

  1. Bobbie Munroe September 11, 2014 at 4:09 pm #

    Rick, my heart hurts every time I revisit the topic of your travails with the CFP board. OF COURSE they should spend their limited time elsewhere as you are correct: their are GROSS violations of the client’s best interest everywhere. And who cares if insurance agents couldn’t have the CFP mark if they didn’t hold themselves to a higher standard (brokers either)? CFP is supposed to mean something. That said, I, too, am rarely asked if I am a CFP (or a member of FPA). But I am often asked if I am fee-only / NAPFA member. Now THAT means something. I’m glad it worked out with NAPFA. Good luck as the story continues to unfold.