The Annual Financial Checkup

by | Mar 24, 2010 | Fee Only Financial Planning

Your doctor isn’t the only professional you should see for an annual checkup.  You need to be visiting with your financial planner, too.  Tara Siegel Bernard, a reporter with The New York Times, recently spoke with financial planners, including South Dakota financial planner Rick Kahler, about what you need to look at annually to be sure you keep your financial health in tip-top shape. 

Rick suggests a person needs to ask, “What has changed in your life in the last year?”  Big life events can disrupt even the best strategies. Getting married, having a child or even becoming eligible for Social Security or Medicare will require that you make many financial decisions.  A person may need to have more or less insurance, update their estate planning, switch investment philosophy, or save more or less for retirement.  For some good financial advice, read the entire article here.

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