CFP Board-Revised Proposed Standards Discussion Webinar

by | Mar 1, 2018 | *Financial Awakenings

Introduction: The CFP Board’s revised proposed standards are under review and expected to be put out this next quarter. They include a strong statement describing fiduciary duties of loyalty and care. This is good. The problem, however, is a strong statement is not enough to reliably deliver fiduciary conduct. Though major shortcomings persist, they can be fixed.  These shortcomings, why they exist and how they can be remedied will be discussed.

What: A discussion of the CFP Board revised proposed standards

When: March 8, 4:15 PM ET

Who: Knut Rostad, Cheryl Holland and Rick Kahler

Where:  Advisor Perspectives: A link to register to the webinar is here.


Background: The revised proposed standards can be found here.


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