Developing the Future of Financial Planning

by | Oct 27, 2017 | *Financial Awakenings

Whether it is shaping the future of our children, our community, or business industries, it is always exciting when we can be a part of building a better future for the next generation. In the field of financial planning, Rick has been instrumental in developing an understanding of the role of psychology in making money decisions.  It is exciting to announce that several Universities including Golden Gate University, where Rick is one of several financial professors, have introduced a new degree-concentration in Financial Life Planning.  The concentration is fueled by emerging insights from Psychology and Behavioral Finance and taught by founders and leaders in the fields of financial planning, coaching, and financial therapy.

The link below will take you to an article by Golden Gate University that talks more about this exciting new degree offering.

New Financial Life Planning Concentration Taught by Founders and Leaders in the Field


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