Finding Us Just Got a Little Easier

by | Apr 19, 2016 | *Financial Awakenings

IMG_3379Currently every street on every side of our office is under construction. Ninth Street, South Street, Fulton Street, and Eight Street are all in some phase of being torn up or completely torn up. Getting to the KFG offices can be an exercise in total frustration if you don’t know the secret passageway! For approximately the next month the ONLY way to access our office is via Mt Rushmore Road to Fulton.  The problem is that there is no longer a sign for FultonIMG_3380 Street.

Thanks to the work of our associate Alison Scherr and the City, there is now a blue and white “Kahler Financial” sign on 8th and Fulton Streets pointing the way to our office. Hopefully the new signage will help guide the way for those of you needing to visit us while we are getting our new roads.

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