Join Rick on the Your Money Radio Show Today

Kent On MoneyJoin Rick Kahler today, October 23rd, with Kent Smetters on Your Money at 5:30PM ET / 3:30PM MT on SiriusXM 132.  It is a live show and will last about 45 minutes.

Who is Kent Smetters and what is Your Money?

The show “Your Money,” hosted by Professor Kent Smetters, focuses on how listeners can increase their personal productivity and better manage their money. Common themes include creating disciplines that increases one’s value in the workforce, paying down debts, saving for kids’ college, retirement planning, picking appropriate investments, and being generous. “Your Money” has a very engaging audience, accounting for almost half of all calls to The Business Radio Channel. Starting in 2014, a recent survey indicates that The Business Radio Channel (SiriusXM 132) has already garnered up to 3.45 million listeners, and the audience continues to grow rapidly.

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