KFG Offices: The Bulls-Eye of a Cone Zone

by | Apr 6, 2016 | *Financial Awakenings

IMG_3370Similar to finding the tomb of a pharaoh deep within a pyramid, getting to the KFG offices can be an exercise in total frustration if you don’t know the secret passageway! Here’s the secret: for approximately the next month the ONLY way to access our office is via Mt Rushmore Road to Fulton.  See the map below.

Currently every street on every side of our office is under construction. Ninth Street, South Street, Fulton Street, and Eight Street are all in some phase of being torn up or completely torn up. I am not sure why the traffic gods created this perfect storm. We are certainly grateful we are not a retail location, or this would be our “Going Out of Business Blog.”

KFG Construction Map2


Sometime in May, Richard Sudmeier of FMG Engineering tells us, South Street will be completed and then the access will be ONLY via Mt. Rushmore Road to South Street. The guess is that Ninth Street will be done sometime in June, which will open up access from West Boulevard.

Getting out of our office is more of a challenge than getting in, as it requires a right or left hand turn onto the one-lane traffic of Eighth Street. The traffic lights at Columbus and Kansas City are gone, so there are no natural breaks in traffic, meaning you must be a little aggressive during high traffic hours to make your turn. If you need to go north toward downtown, our recommendation is to turn right onto Eighth when leaving our office, then make a right turn on Clark and proceed two blocks, then make a right turn onto West Boulevard which will take you to St. Joseph Street.

If you are the least bit squeamish about cone zones, feel free to schedule your next meeting via our online video conferencing system!

If you need any further help, please call us at 605-343-1400.

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