Join Abundance & Prosperity Summit 2019

by | Nov 12, 2019 | *Financial Awakenings

Want to live a bigger life than you can imagine?

If so, then you should sign up for the Unlocking Your Money Mindset: Abundance & Prosperity Summit, a complimentary learning series for inquiring, soulful people that want to learn how to tap into their inner aliveness and rich beautiful life… with support!

My friend, Kate Schroeder, a psychotherapist in private practice, has brought together 10+ top experts and influencers for this complimentary summit that will explore what it means to live a life of abundance and prosperity and offer you tools, tips, insights, wisdom and support for helping you tap into your own big ALIVENESS and live your BIGGEST life.

Is it possible to be satisfied in your relationships, life and career, as well as take care of yourself and be the parent/spouse/partner/friend you want to be?  Absolutely, it is. I see it happen all the time for my clients, friends and mentors.

But is it as easy as some people make it out to be?

Definitely not. It’s likely one of the hardest things that you will attempt to do in this lifetime, that is, learn how to clear your blocks and move into the kind of satisfying and big life that you desire. And it’s downright impossible if you don’t have anyone to guide you through the steps.

It breaks my heart when I hear people saying they are burnt out, not fulfilled in their career or not as present in their families as they wish they could be. Or that they feel like something is missing in their life. Their relationships are suffering, they’re exhausted, and their bodies are worse for the wear. Perhaps they even are physically ill because of all of this dissatisfaction.

They want to fulfill their potential, but they don’t know how to do that without sacrificing their self or their happiness.

That’s why I’m so excited for the Abundance & Prosperity Summit 2019. It’s 10 days of insight, wisdom and practical strategies and inside access to top teachers, trainers and influencers who are there to help YOU live your best life.

It’s free, but you have to save your seat to get access. We’ll be helping you go from stuck to more abundance and prosperity in two weeks!

Fo find out more and claim your ticket to the online event; click here.

Here are some of the other incredible people you’ll get the chance to hear from: 

  • Ariel Frey – Business Strategist & Success Coach
  • Abby Rohrer – Certified Big Money Business Coach & Master Money Karma
  • Christina Jandali – Deliver Your Genius Business Strategy Coach
  • Dr. Dori Gatter – Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert & Business Consultant
  • Chloe Elise – Millennial Money Coach & Niche Entrepreneur
  • Rachel Joy – CEO Amplify Abundance
  • Petia Kolibova – Mindset Coach and Business Strategist
  • Polly Alexandre – Certified Master Coach & Intuitive Healer
  • Kate Schroeder – Psychotherapist & Licensed Professional Counselor & Summit Organizer
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