Ways to Save Money and Not Feel Deprived

by | Sep 10, 2009 | Cash Flow, Healthy Money Relationships | 4 comments

Cathy Curtis’s article on “10 Ways to Save Money and Not Feel Deprived” is an excellent read on ways to save money while minimizing the pain.  As I read through her list, I was surprised at how many I’ve actually done myself or recommended to clients.   Here are her 10 recommendations:

1. Suspend spending on those items you can do yourself:  manicures, pedicures,  highlights, gym workouts. Or, cut back on frequency.

2. Don’t buy things you can borrow or trade  (books, magazines, cd’s).

3.  Avoid temptation – stay away from your favorite shops and toss out the catalogues unopened.

4.  Stop subscriptions to things you aren’t reading: newspapers, magazines, online and offline.

4.  Eat really well at home.

5.  Bring delicious food to work for lunch.

7.  Buy entertainment a la carte instead of via subscription: movies, theatre, and music events.

8.  Hold onto things longer – your cell phone, computer, car, and oven.

9.  Ramp down the luxury a bit – buy less expensive wines, eat at moderately priced restaurants.

10. Postpone the big vacation for a few years; enjoy smaller trips to great places.

You can read the entire article here.

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