Healing Money Issues Workshop

by | Jan 17, 2009 | In The News, News For KFG Clients

abcnews.jpgI would like to invite KFG clients and readers of this blog to participate in a very special Healing Money Issues program at the Onsite campus, located near Nashville, TN, on April 17-22, 2009.

The Wall Street Journal referred to this scientifically researched workshop as “an innovative effort that combines Experiential Therapy with nuts and bolts financial planning.”

After many published articles and features ranging from The New York Times to ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the producers of ABC’s award winning “20/20” reached out to us about capturing elements of a Healing Money Issues 5 ½ day workshop experience for 8-10 participants this spring. One of our goals in partnering with ABC on this matter is to use their resources to help bring a message of personal insight, hope, and healing to the world in this time of financial turmoil.

To guide you through the course will be the creators of the program itself and authors, Dr. Ted Klontz, Dr. Brad Klontz, and Rick Kahler, CFP® whose life-changing book The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge was inspired by the workshop. ted-klontz-2.jpg

For many of us, current problematic or confusing money issues such as overspending, hoarding, family discord, “thinking poor,” excessive debt, inability to receive, save, or follow through on good financial plans, and similar issues often have historic ties to beliefs and feelings from our past.

brad-klontz.jpgThis 5 1/2-day program is designed to give you the opportunity to examine the life experiences that have shaped your relationship with money and process feelings and behaviors that are attached to these beliefs with Drs. Ted and Brad Klontz. In addition, Rick Kahler, CFP®, one of the nation’s leading financial planners, will talk about and make suggestions for integrating money and your values and authentic life goals.

Each participant will be responsible for their travel to Nashville, TN and must arrive at the OnSite Campus no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, April 17th. The cost for the program, room and board will be sharply discounted to $1,500 (typically $2,950.00/person). Each participant must be comfortable with and agree to follow all of the program guidelines and will be subject to OnSite’s regular application process. A deposit of 50% will be required upon submission of that application.dollar-sign.jpg

In exchange for this special price, participants will be asked to allow themselves to be filmed during portions of the process with the full understanding that their likeness and personal stories will be aired on national television. It is our understanding with ABC, as well as our intentions, that there will be no filming of any of the actual group therapy sessions, though filming during some of the educational components as well as interviews with participants before, during and after the workshop may occur.

This opportunity is best suited for those comfortable and familiar with group therapy, especially OnSite’s psychodrama based style of intense group therapy. Each participant will be asked to take a number of psychological surveys before, during and after the program (though all results will be grouped together and remain anonymous when used). Each participant will also leave OnSite with a recommended after-care program. Applicants should expect a short phone interview from ABC representatives, as the producers from “20/20” will be involved in the process of selecting the participants for the workshop.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to work up close and personal with the founders of this program and experts in the field. But act soon, there is limited space and a high level of interest so we are advising that you register quickly to secure your spot. Please respond to Stacey Kiest or Rebecca Larson at OnSite via either their Toll Free Number 800-341-7432 or their local Nashville number 615-789-6609 to advise us of your interest in participating in this special program and we will give you further details on how you might be involved.

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