Barbara Soderlin Takes Over @BHBizBlog

by | Sep 4, 2009 | In The News

BH Business Blog

I recently had coffee with the Rapid City Journal’s new business reporter, Barbara Soderlin.  She replaced Jeremy Fugleberg, who was with the Journal for just over a year.  Jeremy replaced Dan Daly, who was an institution at the Journal.  Dan had been the business editor forever….almost.

I had a delightful meeting with Barbara, who graciously allowed me to pontificate about finance, feelings, and financial planning.  She wrote of our meeting in her business blog.

Barbara says I reminded her more of a therapist than a money guy because she found herself telling me financial information she wouldn’t tell others.  Maybe it was because of all the financial questions I peppered her with.  Anyway,  Barbara, one of the differences between me and a real therapist is that real therapists don’t talk as much as I do!   You can follow Barbara on Twitter at @BHbizblog.

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