KYFR Interview – Expecting the Unexpected

kyfr.jpgJenny Goodell, Public Affairs Director for KYFR, interviewed Rick regarding things families can do to begin taking control of their finances and keeping unexpected expenses from busting the budget.jenny-goodell.jpg

KYFR is based out of Shenandoah, Iowa, and broadcasts 24 hours a day on 5000 watts. Their signal goes to the four corners of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Family Radio is heard in Omaha, Lincoln, Topeka and Kansas City as well as thousands of smaller, rural communities.

Rick gave Jenny a real test of her interviewing and editing prowess. The line went dead twice during the interview before Mr. Kahler figured out this wasn’t the phone company’s or Jenny’s problem, it was his. Seems Rick left his headset off the charger the night before and his batteries were dead! Jenny totally kept her composure, punched out a few words in the editing process, and produced the interview that you can listen to here. Click here to listen to the interview

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