For These Planners, It’s About The Relationships

by | Sep 22, 2008 | In The News

money-quotient.jpgI just returned from an unusual gathering of financial planners, sponsored by Money Quotient, held near Seattle, Washington. What was unusual was the fact that over 30 planners gathered together for three days and not once did the topics of the economy, fees, estate planning strategies, tax law, or investment management come up. The entire three days was focused on relationship skills.

A number of speakers, of whom I was honored to be one, covered topics on effective communication, life transitions, working with grieving clients, positive psychology, and the planner-therapist partnership. I opened the retreat speaking on facilitating financial health and closed it with my research on why planners need to have their own planners.

Several times I wondered if the clients of these planners understood how unique their planners are to spend three days of their lives understanding how to better facilitate their clients to happier and more fulfilled lives. For these planners, it’s not all about the money. I was simply struck at the depth of caring and commitment these planners exhibited toward bettering their clients.

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