Is this “reality?” My role as a consulting producer with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

I have recently negotiated an interesting new opportunity that not only seems to play to some of my strengths but also gives me a rather unexpected brush with pop culture. After what I am told was a rather exhaustive nationwide search, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is looking for my help in finding and casting five successful entrepreneurs, (millionaires or billionaires) for a major network series. The series, “Millionaires’ Challenge,” will match high-net-worth individuals with non-millionaire contestants to develop a new business during the run of the program. All aspects of the endeavor will be taped for airing during the program season.

It’s hard to imagine that this Rapid City, South Dakota-based Certified Financial Planner is the consulting producer on the project, but here I am. A key part of my role will be seeking individuals to participate. This will be an exciting and unique opportunity for established millionaires and billionaires to publicize their company, gain national recognition for a new business idea, and demonstrate their survivability and business acumen while working with limited resources and starting from scratch. (Contestants are given a limited start up budget and per diem.)

Since even I am not fully aware of how far reaching the Financial Awakenings blog is, I will mention it here in the event any readers feel they know someone or have a client, friend, or colleague who may have what it takes to participate in this nationally broadcast television program to be broadcast in the United States over one of the major television networks. If you do, or you have any ideas, please contact me directly at 605-343-1400 or by e-mail at for more information.  All preliminary conversations are treated confidentially. The selection process and taping is scheduled to begin shortly.

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One Response to Is this “reality?” My role as a consulting producer with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

  1. Gary and Joanne Goodrich February 21, 2006 at 3:17 pm #

    Hi Rick,
    I certainly hope an anglophile like you gets to travel extensively to London to “confer” with your parent company: BBC. What a wonderful plum for you. Good luck
    Joanne and Gary