KFG Named Third Best American Financial Planning Blog

by | Jun 11, 2008 | In The News | 3 comments

blog.JPGI thought it was spam email, so I deleted it.

The email message congratulated KFG for winning third place in the Kahuna Content study of American financial planner blogs. A week or so later I discovered it was the real deal when I received a letter in the mail with a copy of their 33-page study.

The study called the look of our blog “professional,” ranked it in the middle regarding quantity and quality of information, and rated it moderately high in popularity. To quote the report: “With articles about personal cash flow, vacationing on a budget, rational shipping, smart dining, asset and income protection, life aspiration planning, and other topics, Rick clearly has the interests of individual people at heart.”

They indicated our blog was the oldest of the top three financial planner blogs and lauded us for providing our readers the option of accessing an audio or video file. “This is definitely a different approach to overcoming a reader’s reluctance to read a long post.”

Of course, the fact that we took third meant we didn’t do everything right. We were penalized for not offering Post Jumps, not having a link to the home page, and having no email link. I don’t even know what a Post Jump is, but I’ll soon find out and have them on the blog, thanks to Kahuna Content for their thorough analysis of our site, and congratulations to Brian Preston’s “Money Guy” Blog and Podcast for taking first!

I had no idea we were even “entered” into such a competition, and I am pleased with our high placement. Our goal is always to deliver value-added services to our clients and make their interaction with us as effortless as possible, and the blog is one way we try to meet that goal.

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