Is Anyone Looking for 15 Minutes of Fame?

by | Aug 5, 2008 | In The News, News For KFG Clients

newspaper-with-smile.jpgRarely a month goes by that I don’t talk with a reporter representing a national publication or wire service about various financial planning topics. In about half of those interviews, the reporters ask if they could talk with a client. Most of the requests revolve around talking about the benefits and experiences involved in various areas of financial planning. This is pretty normal, as people like to read stories about real people, so reporters are always looking to talk to someone who has actually experienced what a professional, like me, is theorizing about.

For example, in a recent interview with the Associated Press I was interviewed on our investment philosophy as it pertains to asset class diversification. At the conclusion of the interview, the reporter asked if he could talk with a client about how their investment life was before having a diversified portfolio and how it is today. I declined his request, which is typical. First, I am pledged to protect a client’s privacy. Second, I don’t have time to call 70 clients and poll who would be interested in responding.

While many of my clients would never want to be featured in a news article, I would guess that some of you might enjoy the opportunity. The thought recently occurred to me to accumulate a group of clients who might be okay with me giving their names to a reporter when I thought the topic was appropriate for them to address.

For example, as a result of two upcoming speeches to national organizations, I anticipate some media interviews around both the fact that I use a financial planner and my use of technology (website and blog). I am anticipating a reporter will ask me, “So could I talk with a couple of your clients about how they feel about their financial planner having a financial planner?” or, “Do you have a client who would be willing to talk with me about how they use your website or blog?”

If you would be willing to offer your thoughts on your experiences with financial planning, please let me know. Be assured you would only be asked to discuss the issue and never to share any of your personal financial information. And, of course, “No” is always a complete sentence.

Thanks so much for considering helping others learn by sharing your experiences. If you are interested in including your name on a list of possible contacts for the media, please drop me an email at Rick@KahlerFinancial.com.

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