NAU Alumni Address The Causes and Cures of the Recession

by | May 19, 2009 | In The News | 2 comments

nau.jpgRick had the honor of being part of a panel discussion at National American University’s Alumni event on Saturday, May 16th, in Rapid City. The panel directed their remarks to the causes and cures of the current recession. Also serving on the panel were Linda Rabe, president and CEO of the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce, Lloyd Sohl, president of Great Western Bank in Rapid City, and Dr. John Quinn, CEO of the Rapid City NAU campus.

Rick said, “I’ve served on a lot of panels and have probably never been on one that flowed so well. One might have thought we had met a few times and assigned roles! I thought every presentation and subsequent remarks were timely, insightful, and thoughtful. It was too bad it wasn’t recorded. Congratulations to Guy Tillett for putting on such an interesting forum.”

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