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by | Oct 7, 2005 | In The News, News For KFG Clients

As of October 1, 2005, KFG Clients will receive an upgrade in the manner in which we communicate with you.  We are doing away with our quarterly newsletter (both in the printed and electronic form) and going with a continuous, interactive newsletter……known as a weblog or blog for short.

Weblogs have a number of advantages over email and printed media.  They are instantaneous and interactive.  Now, when we have something to communicate to you, it is immediate.  No more waiting two or three months for the next edition of the newsletter.

Another benefit is that we will have no limit on the number of words or the content.  With a printed newsletter, we were continuously leaving out stories, chopping and cropping.  Now, we can bring you everything that is on our minds.

Unlike print media, a blog is interactive.  Did you ever have a question on a newsletter story?  Now, you can ask your question by simply hitting the comment button on the blog.  This will allow clients to interact with us online.  Also, you will be able to view comments and questions asked by other KFG clients.  This opens up a whole new world of interaction!

We will be posting upcoming events, webinars, teleclasses and workshops in the blog, so we ask that you get used to checking the blog frequently.  To make the blog as user-friendly as possible, you will continue to receive an email every Friday, updating you as to the stories posted on the blog that week, along with an easy link to the blog site.

The name of the blog is the same as our newsletter, Financial Awakenings.  It can be found at www.financialawakenings.com.  Additionally, if you purchase blogging software, such as Feed Demon, www.feeddemon.com, you can see updates to the blog automatically every time you log onto Feed Demon.  We’ll have more about using blog software later.

Make sure when you log onto www.financialawakenings.com, that you check the KFG Client News section frequently, and enjoy!

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