NY Times Features Klontz-Kahler Research

by | Sep 25, 2008 | In The News

ny-times-logo.jpgNew York Times– September 25, 2008, “How to Treat a Money Disorder” by Sarah Kershaw

The article features the work that Dr. Ted and Brad Klontz and Rick have pioneered around financial therapy. Wynonna Judd was interviewed for the article that also features the recent peer-reviewed research paper that was published in August on the successful treatment of money disorders. Also featured is the Onsite “Healing Money Issues’ program that was co-founded by Ted and Rick. You can view the article here.

Now here is a very strange conincidence, it was five years ago to the day that the first news article appeared in a major national publication, the Wall Street Journal, on our first financial therapy workshop, Sep 25th, 2003, a Thursday!

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