Oprah Excitement

I was surprised, pleased, and excited to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday where Wynonna Judd talked about the strides she has made towards both personal and financial balance as a result of the Onsite Healing Money Issues program, sponsored by Onsite Workshops, Nashville, TN.

I co-founded the Onsite: Healing Money Issues program, with Ted Klontz, owner of Onsite Workshops.  In the two years since our first program ran, a new niche has been established for our services.  Ted and I are working or have worked with several celebrities as of this posting. They were referred to us by an agency in Nashville that is sold on our ‘financial integration’ approach to holistic financial planning.

Of course, privacy is very important, and we would never disclose a client…high-profile, or not!  However, country-music legend Wynonna Judd had such a transformative experience with our services that she decided to write about the experience in her new book, Coming Home To Myself. She mentions the Onsite program over 30 times!  In the book, Wynonna describes us as her “life coaches” and lists us by name on her website as such. Today, she is more radiant than ever!

In the book, she explains why she approached money and spent it in the ways she did and some of the unique methods we used to help her improve her relationship with money.

You can check out highlights from Wynonna’s Oprah appearance or read her online journal where she names Onsite–citing us as her life coaches. For more information on Wynonna and her new book and CD, check out her official site!

To learn more about our Financial Integration methods and how they can help you achieve more balance in life, check out our website.

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