KFG YouTube Videos Featured

by | Oct 6, 2007 | In The News

youtube.jpgThe October issue of Financial Planning magazine included an article, “CyberSocializing–Here’s how financial planners are making the most of social media,” which featured the ways various financial planners use technology to support their clients.

Reporter Gwen Moran called me as a result of seeing my videos on YouTube. I was pretty surprised. The idea of posting my weekly video column, which is posted to my website and this blog, to YouTube was somewhat of an afterthought. The audio portion of the video is also uploaded to the KFG website and additionally sent to iTunes and available as a podcast for downloading to an iPod.

She says in the article, “Kahler now has approximately a dozen videos on the site, some having been viewed more than 100 times.” When you figure the most popular videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times, a 100 viewings is not all that impressive. However, Moran suggested that anything over a 100 viewings for a financial planner was impressive! I guess we are a pretty dull lot.

To read the article, click here.

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