South Dakota – Home of the Freest?

by | Jun 14, 2011 | In The News | 1 comment

My friends around the country often refer to me as clandestinely working for the SD Chamber of Commerce.  Actually, there is nothing clandestine about my promotion of South Dakota’s low taxes, business friendly, low crime, and high quality lifestyle.  Many people are surprised to hear we have airports, Internet, and running water.  Actually, promoting South Dakota is very easy, and it’s just become easier. 

According to a survey done by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University, South Dakota rates as the second-freest state in the nation.  First is New Hampshire. South Dakota is ranked #1 on economic freedom and is top among the states in terms of fiscal policy, owing to its high fiscal decentralization for its size and its low levels of taxation (7.6 percent adjusted revenues as a percentage of personal income) and spending. The study says, “It might be hard to improve on South Dakota’s performance in this area.”  I couldn’t agree more!  To read the entire survey, click here.

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