What Does “Je Ne Comprends Pas” Mean In French?

It means, “I don’t understand.”  And that is exactly how I felt after reading an article that appeared on the website, based in Quebec, Canada. 

Using the rusty French I learned in high school, I think the story is on the rise of financial therapy in the United States.  The article quotes me as saying that about ten years ago I noticed about one third of my clients didn’t actually implement the solutions that I crafted for them.  I discovered the issue wasn’t a lack of money skills or following directions, but it was a deeper, psychological problem.

Those of you who read French can read the entire article here.

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One Response to What Does “Je Ne Comprends Pas” Mean In French?

  1. Bill Winterberg September 26, 2009 at 11:22 am #

    You can run any webpage through Google’s translator to get a fairly good idea what the content of the article contains. Give it a try!