Integrating Your Money and Emotions

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Rick and DaveAre you seeking to understand and deepen your relationship with money?  If you aren’t, or don’t think money is that important, consider this:  money touches everything in your life.  Understanding money and your relationship with it is a 21st century survival skill.

Deepening your journey is what the Integrating Your Money and Emotions Workshop is about.  In this program, you will be given the opportunity to look at new ways of relating to money by participating in an exclusive Financial Integration Process.

The Wall Street Journal  (September 25, 2003) referred to the Financial Integration Process as “an innovative effort that combines experiential therapy with nuts and bolts of financial planning”.

The workshop uses specific experiential therapy techniques such as psychodrama, guided imagery, meditation, written exercises, and small group process to uncover, explore, and resolve money issues.  We examine family of origin, unresolved trauma, loss, shame, emotions, dreams, and hopes as they relate to money.

This program can help you identify the beliefs and feelings about money that keep you stuck in any issue that money touches like overspending, underspending, risk taking,  workaholism, an unfulfilling job, and poor investments.  We help you  recover from dysfunctional or painful money behaviors, and develop a new model that will move you toward fulfillment of what you most want out of life and get

Dave Jetson and Rick Kahler, two pioneers in blending financial planning with experiential therapy, have partnered together to offer a most unique experience for individuals and couples to deal with how money shapes their lives. The”Financial Integration Workshop” is a 5-day workshop that helps couples better understand and transform their relationship as individuals and as a couple around money.

This workshop starts at 6:00 pm on Thursday, April 11th and ends at 5pm on Monday, April 15th. The cost is $2,750 per individual and $4,950 per couple that includes meals and lodging! The workshop will be held in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota at the new Terra Sancta Retreat Center in Rapid City.

Make an investment in yourself or your coupleship that will pay big dividends  for years to come. Join us for an experience that may change for the better how your coupleship works around money. Reserve your space early as seating is limited and we typically sell out this event.

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