Rick Honored as “Distinguished Adjunct Professor”

by | Jun 20, 2017 | *Financial Awakenings, Financial Therapy, Healthy Money Relationships, Money Psychology

Rick has been appointed to the rank of Distinguished Adjunct Professor by Golden Gate University, located in San Francisco, CA. “This is the highest rank that can be conferred upon a member of our adjunct faculty,” noted Barbara Karlin, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Since 2009, Rick has taught a graduate course at GGU on Facilitating Financial Health. The course presents the latest research used in facilitating change in individuals and is designed to help financial planners, therapists, and coaches understand the roots of destructive financial behaviors. It describes specific techniques to help students and their clients make positive changes.

Facilitating financial health in clients requires more than presenting spreadsheets and asset allocation models. It requires an understanding of the kind of life the client envisions and how the client’s emotional and psychological predispositions facilitate or obstruct the realization of successful financial plans. Integrating the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and financial planning provides new skill sets for students, which allow them to go beyond the traditional boundaries of financial planning and to serve clients far more effectively in creating and maintaining financial health.

The 15-week course is taught online and is available to any financial planner, therapist, or coach who wants to learn the “best practices” in helping people achieve financial well-being. The next class will begin in January 2018.

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