If You Need To Talk, Call

by | Oct 14, 2008 | News For KFG Clients

phone.jpg“You must be really busy being flooded with calls from concerned clients.”

I’ve been hearing that statement a lot from friends and acquaintances who know I am a financial planner. It’s true, I am really busy, but not with having scores of calls to return from concerned clients. I am busy rebalancing portfolios. And I am busy reaching out to clients by phone, email, and this blog.

I spent most of a recent workday randomly calling clients I have not chatted with recently to see how they are doing. I didn’t have any breaking news to communicate beyond what we all are reading and hearing. I didn’t have any recommended changes to my investment philosophy to announce. I didn’t have any insight into when this unprecedented crisis will be over. I was just calling to say I’m here, I care, I’m concerned and to just generally commiserate.

If you haven’t received a call from me, it isn’t because I am not thinking about you. It’s probably because we’ve emailed, had a review, or spoken recently. If you need to talk, give me a call.

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