Inputting Your Basis on Transferred Investments into TD Ameritrade

td-ameritrade.jpgWhen you receive your TD Ameritrade statements for October, you will see that cost basis is now listed for any investments, in non-retirement accounts, that were purchased at TD Ameritrade.

Any non-retirement investments that were transferred to TD Ameritrade will not have cost basis. However, TD Ameritrade allows you to add cost basis for those investments, using your password-protected TD Ameritrade online account. When you log into your TD Ameritrade account, any non-retirement accounts that don’t have cost basis will give you a pop-up message about putting in your basis numbers.

Please keep in mind, KFG does not calculate basis figures. This is the responsibility of your accountant. We will, however, be glad to assist you in adding them to your TD Ameritrade statements.

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