KFG Enhances Financial Planning Software

by | Apr 14, 2008 | News For KFG Clients

money-guide-pro.jpgOkay, this may not seem like the most scintillating news, but it’s exciting to us. After many years of researching, waiting, researching, and waiting some more, we decided to implement a new financial planning software program. Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate and comprehensive financial advice. The new software package will help us continue that goal. As you may guess, a conversion to such a new and comprehensive program is no small undertaking.

The program is called Money Guide Pro. We purchased the software two years ago, but didn’t begin using it because we were unhappy with some of the functionality. When Rick recently attended a half-day due diligence presentation on the software’s new generation, he was convinced that it was time to add MGP to our practice.

Our first step was to hire an independent contractor who spent the better part of two months loading, learning, and assisting Rick in completely disecting the program. Call him obsessive, but before Rick can feel confident in the output of any software package, he’s got to understand the program inside and out. It took the better part of a month before Rick was satisfied with the calculations. The next step was to personalize the investment portion of the software to the KFG philosophy and models, which was no small task.

Finally, after six weeks, we were ready to begin transferring KFG clients to the software. This process will continue for the balance of the year. KFG clients can expect to see new formats with some of their financial planning reports at their next reviews.

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