KFG Server Update

by | May 14, 2010 | News For KFG Clients

What a difference a week makes!  Ten days ago a server failure left us with only phone service. Nothing else related to technology worked for the better part of four days, except our copier.  Today, we are about 75% complete in moving our operation from our old office server to a hosted server we will access via the Internet.  This is a move we’ve wanted to make for several years, as it will give us easier access to our systems and reduce the possibility of a disaster shutting down our operation for an extended period of time.

The ironic thing about our server failure of last week is that we were in the midst of testing how efficiently we could move all our systems to a back up server in case of a disaster!  We went from a simulated disaster to a “man-made disaster.”

Fortunately, our backup systems worked perfectly as we did not lose any data.  We also didn’t have to disrupt any client meetings or processes,  which is a great tribute to the flexibility, focus, and dedication of my staff.  They’ve worked very hard under less than perfect conditions to keep things running smoothly for our clients.

While I expect we will have glitches for the next week or so, most all systems are now functioning satisfactorily.  As Darla says, “Never again will I take the smallest thing my computer does for granted.”

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