KFG Servers Remain Down

by | May 7, 2010 | News For KFG Clients

Our systems are still down as of 6:30 am Friday morning.  Our techs have been working on the problem since 8 am yesterday morning and through the night.  They tell us it will be at least noon today until we have partial functionality of our systems. 

Until then we cannot send or receive email, access the Internet, or any internal programs. 

This was indeed the perfect storm and not one I am happy about.  As you know, we rely entirely on technology to support the operations of our service. We were in the midst of evaluating whether to go to an off-site server to avoid the possibility of exactly what happened to us on Wednesday, namely the loss of a server putting us out of business for several days.  We were certainly thinking right but not timely enough with the execution.  This will probably hasten our move to an off-site server.  At the least, we will be reassessing our entire technology system to assure this never happens again.

If you need any assistance from us, please call us at 605-343-1400.

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