Legacy Parenting and Financial Planning

Fiduciary, client-centered financial planning is dynamic, ongoing, and evolving. The collaboration between client and planner is a relationship that often lasts for a client’s’ lifetime. Sometimes that relationship even extends beyond a client’s lifetime if they have children or leave money to a foundation. Children may become the stewards of their parents’ financial legacy via […]

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106 Things We Do For Clients, No. 79

No. 79 of 106 Things We Do For Clients Share knowledge (while maintaining absolute confidentiality) gained from the experiences of dozens of clients who have faced circumstances similar to yours over the years.

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To Reduce Taxes, Bunch Deductions Into Alternate Years

Want to save a bunch under the new federal income tax laws? Try bunching your deductions. The new tax law doubles the standard deduction and eliminates most miscellaneous deductions. It takes a lot more of the limited allowable deductions left to reach the threshold for itemizing deductions instead of using the standard amount. This means […]

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SDPB-The Intersection Between Therapy & Financial Planning

Recently Rick was interviewed by Lori Walsh of the South Dakota Public Broadcasting radio show entitled “In the Moment” regarding the intersection between therapy and financial planning. To hear the interview, click the link below.

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