Coronavirus and Your Investment Portfolio

Last month I was interviewed by NBC about the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) would have on world economies and investment portfolios. My first thought on receiving the phone call was, “Why is NBC calling me? I have no clue about the impact.”

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National Debt and Possible Tax Increases

Almost every politician running for president or Congress refers to the alarming growth of the national debt. It is now $23.2 trillion, or $188,000 for each individual taxpayer. For my entire adult life, I’ve heard politicians on both sides of the aisle warning of an economic Armageddon from the growing federal debt. Whether they are […]

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Immediate Annuities May Fit Into Retirement Plan

Recently, a life insurance agent wrote me about my railings against the SECURE Act now allowing annuities in 401(k) plans. He politely—and accurately—noted my “unfavorable opinion towards annuities (and by extension insurance sales reps).” He suggested, however that my attacks on annuities may be too broad. After reading his email, I agreed.

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Should Security Deposits Be Illegal?

If lawmakers in several states and cities have their way, the traditional security deposit for housing rentals may become a relic of the past. Security deposits help to minimize damages to the property and offset costs in the event a tenant breaks their lease. They are also a small indication of the tenant’s solvency and […]

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SECURE Act Details and Your Retirement Planning

After my recent column on the SECURE Act, a client asked, “What are you going to do about this? It makes the planning we’ve done useless.” The good news is that, while the Act will mean some retooling of estate and retirement planning strategy, it didn’t exactly make everyone’s previous planning useless.

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Kahler Financial Group

COVID-19 Update

Following the procedures suggested by the CDC and local authorities of “social distancing”, the Kahler Financial Group physical office is currently closed to do our part in keeping our community safe.

However, we are still working for you.

Click HERE to find out more information on how we continue to service our clients and for the latest updates regarding the COVID-19 crisis.