chiliNo, we are not talking about two countries.  Rather I am referring to our recent company Christmas Party where the Chef d’Cuisine, my wife Marcia, served her Texas style chili and cornbread.  That by itself is not so unordinary, but when you add that she served it on English bone china with rose gold silverware set, well, it takes on a bit of eclectivity.

So why stop there with our out of the box celebration?  Most folks would say few drinks go better with chili than beer.  We wondered about wine. So, since we were breaking all the laws of fine dining, we decided to offend all the beer drinkers and have a wine tasting to find what wine pairs with chili.Chile Flag

While we may have been breaking new ground in fine dining and wine etiquette, breaking stereotypes is nothing new at KFG.  One of our firm’s core values is innovation.  We bring innovation to the table in many of the things we do for clients and our staff.

For starters, just being a client-focused, fee-only financial planning firm is innovative itself in the Great Plains.  We are still the only NAPFA registered fee-only planner in South and North Dakota.  Our portfolios were incorporating design features 15 years ago that only now are becoming mainstream.  We are a national pioneer and innovator in financial therapy, which is the blending of financial planning and psychology.  More recently, we’ve been recognized for our innovation in staffing a financial planning firm.

But I digress.  Now about the wine.  After sampling several robust reds, we decided that a Spanish Grenache was the winner.  You may want to try one with your next bowl!


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