Darkness Isn’t Evil

by | Oct 12, 2010 | Personal Notes | 5 comments

About everywhere I travel people ask me if I’ve posted any recent writings by my daughter, London.  Frankly, the most overwhelming response I’ve ever received to anything on my blog was her short story “50 Balloons.” So, for all her fans, here is a poem she wrote this summer at a college course she took at the Colorado School of Mines. 

 Darknes Isn’t Evil

Darkness isn’t evil,
Just take a look around,
Look at all the shadows,
There’s no evil to be found.

The tree’s soothing shade,
Flashing patterns on the ground,
Stars on velvet fabric,
Calming night-time sounds.

Darkness isn’t wicked,
Open up your eyes,
Don’t look into the ground,
But up into the skies.

Shadow puppets on the wall,
A majestic bird that flies,
Tag in total darkness,
Laughs and playful cries.

Darkness isn’t a demon,
It’s just misunderstood,
Don’t believe those stories,
Try to see what’s good.

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London is 13 and lives in Rapid City, SD, with her parents, brother Davin, and cat, Delilah.

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