Don’t Cry For Us

by | Mar 6, 2008 | Personal Notes

cry.jpgMy office currently has a position open for a CFP professional. Recruiters tell me the biggest obstacle I have in recruiting someone is “Rapid City, SD.” One told me recently that all interest in this position evaporates when she tells them where they must move. “People think Rapid City is on the edge of the Arctic Circle.”

Such a view of Rapid City is really as inaccurate as it is unfortunate. Anyone who has spent any amount of time here knows that we have a micro-climate that is closer to that of Colorado Springs or Boulder.

Still, perception is everything, even if it’s wrong. My wife and I were in Chicago a few days ago and we froze our rears off! The high temperature of 24 degrees was accompanied by 80% humidity, making it bone-chilling cold. Almost every Chicagoan we met, on finding out where we were from, responded, “Oh, wow, it must be really cold there.” When we would tell them it was 45 degrees in Rapid City when we left and that we made sure we packed our sweaters when we came to the Windy City, we could see the disbelief written on their faces.

We were so glad to get back to Rapid City and warm up. Today, just a few days later, it’s a balmy 73 degrees on the 1st of March!

Don’t cry for us, America!

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