Farewell to Darla

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Personal Notes | 2 comments

As most of our clients know, Darla Creal and her husband, Tim, moved to Florida.  They are looking forward to being near their daughter, Leah, and their new grand baby.  Darla was a fixture here at KFG for the last seven years.  Her presence is already missed.  She was extremely committed and conscientious, often to the point that to an outsider it was hard to distinguish who owned the company!  We wish Darla and Tim the very best in their new adventure in life.

Unfortunately, we have not found the right replacement for Darla’s position, so everyone on the team is stepping up and doing double duty.  If you know of someone who is an experienced Operations Manager with a passion for excellence, impeccable integrity, able to multi-task and high energy, please send them our way!

P.S. – It also helps that a candidate is a high S/D or C/D based on the DISC evaluation .  You can take this free evaluation here.

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