London Releases Her Second Book

by | Apr 16, 2007 | Personal Notes | 1 comment

blue-roan-horse.jpgMy daughter, London, has recently completed her second book, Blue Moon. Blue Moon is a prequel to her first book, The White Filly, in similar fashion to the earlier Star Wars movies. In the book, readers will discover what Sonya’s and Blue Moon’s childhood’s were like, before they met Karen.

In a recent interview with Ms. Kahler, she had this to say about her newest project: “In my prequel to my first book, readers will discover that Sonya was not always the tame horse she appeared to be and Blue Moon’s hidden secret!” Sounds intriguing!

I’ve recently learned that London’s stories have developed a small following of her friends and classmates, to whom she is reading her books during class. London just completed her fourth book and has begun her fifth. Obviously, her agent is a bit behind. Her third book will appear just as soon as her father gets around to placing it on the blog.

To read the book, click here: blue-moon.doc

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