Rick and Davin in Investment Advisor Magazine

by | Apr 12, 2007 | In The News, Personal Notes

Davin made his national print debut in the April issue of the Investment Advisor magazine. If the decision was left up to him, I am sure he would have preferred Popular Electronics!

Columnist Olivia Mellan did a piece on fathers and sons titled, “Child Is Father to the oliviamellan.jpgMan,” that explores father/son relationships as they pertain to money.

Here is the excerpt from that column. “Recent research confirms my clinical experience that young men learn about money mainly from their fathers. There are exceptions, of course, if Dad is absent too much or Mom is the family’s primary money manager. But as a rule, sons are deeply affected by their father’s views on finances.

These lessons can start at a relatively early age. Rick Kahler, president of Kahler Financial Group in Rapid City, South Dakota, began giving his son Davin an allowance at age 3. At first, Davin spent the money every week. On one trip to a toy store, Rick said, they ran from toy to toy with Davin asking, ‘How much?’ Rick would tell him if he could afford it or, if not, how many weeks it would take to save up the money. ‘We had many shopping trips that ended in tears as he painfully figured out that there was far more he wanted than dollars in his pocket,’ Rick says. ‘I’ll never forget the first Saturday he walked out of the store, having bought nothing and with his allowance still in his pocket!'”

Also featured in the article were Ted and Brad Klontz! You can read the entire article at http://www.investmentadvisor.com/article.php?article=7560.

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