The Journey of the Petals

by | Oct 17, 2010 | Personal Notes

The Journey of the Petals


In a beautiful forest far away,
Where powerful wolves and mule deer play,
Where the mountains echo nature’s song,
A tiny flower sits alone.

The mighty wind rattles the trees,
And the oaks and elms refuse to leave,
But the tiny flower bends and sways,
And all its petals blow away.

The first petal twirls into a birch,
It becomes stuck as the branches lurch.
The second one lands in a gushing creek,
It sinks underwater, shy and meek.

The third is able to land on a boat,
And is trapped beneath a fisherman’s coat.
The fourth is carried on an ocean breeze,
It lands in the waves of shining seas.

The fifth goes far and lands on a beach,
And is crush by a might ocean beast.
The sixth petal makes it farthest of all,
And lands on a building, straight and tall.

A child finds the petal and picks it up,
She shapes her hands into a cup,
With gentle breath she blows it away,
And the petal flies to another day.

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London Kahler is 13 and lives in Rapid City, SD, with her parents, brother Davin, and cat, Delilah.

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