“The White Filly ” – London’s First Book

by | Dec 1, 2006 | Personal Notes

by Rick Kahler

After two years of wanting to be a paleontologist, London changed her career choice.  She was four years old when she decided she would rather be “an author and illustrator of children’s books.” At age ten, nothing has changed.

So, authors must write, and London just recently completed her third book. All three books were written in script with accompanying illustrations. I suggested if she were to put her books into Word, that I would publish them on this blog. London took me up on the challenge, and true to my word, here is her first book, The White Filly.

The story is about a horse and the romantic interludes of a young girl.  I suggested that she rename the story The White Fillies, but London failed to see the humor in that. And, as London’s father, I am also just a bit concerned about my ten-year-old writing a semi-romance novel.  I thought I might have a few more years before this stage!

Anyway, London accomplished this literary achievement about 40 years before her father, so Marcia and I are pretty proud of her!  Also, for all you English majors and teachers, the story is unedited by either of her parents’ hands.

You can read London’s book by clicking here: Download the_white_filly_london_kahler_12206.doc

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