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How to Help Grandkids Pay for College

One financial goal held by many of my clients is to help pay for their grandkids’ education. This generosity can foster gratitude and family closeness. Unfortunately, it can also foster resentment and family misunderstandings. Here are some suggestions for helping with grandchildren’s college expenses in positive and supportive ways: 1. Be fair. This doesn’t necessarily […]

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Rick Cited in USA Today Article on 529 Plans

To open a 529 college savings plan for a child or grandchild, you don’t have to stick with your own state’s plan. You can choose one from another state if it has lower fees or is a better fit for your family. The important word in that last sentence is “if.” In a November 3 […]

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Sarah Cited in College Funding Article

If you feel an emotional obligation to help pay for your grandkids’ college costs, don’t do it at the expense of your own retirement. That’s the primary message in a recent article at Sarah Swantner from KFG is quoted in the September 29 piece, titled “The Best Investments for Children and Grandchildren: Consider a […]

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Make the Most of 529 College Savings Plan

When it comes to 529 college savings plans, the best strategy is to start early and start big. Don’t wait to set up an account until your teenager is starting to wonder which schools might offer skateboarding scholarships. These accounts are excellent vehicles to save for college, in large part because of the tax-free growth […]

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