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Defining the Enemy in the War on “The Rich”

Before fighting a war, it’s a good thing to know your enemy. Our federal government spends almost $2 for every $1 it receives. Our national debt is now over $14 trillion, representing almost 100% of our Gross Domestic Product (national income from all sources). How do we fix this before the country tumbles into economic […]

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Protecting Your Assets When Insurance Doesn’t

Rick will speak to the Rapid City Downtown Association on “Theft Proofing Your Assets” on March 25 from 8:00-9:00am at Alternative Fuel, a downtown coffee shop. Many people think their assets are protected because they have liability insurance, only to find out that insurance is not always enough.  That’s what Rick discovered when he was faced with […]

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Best Scenic Sites for Asset Protection

What do South Dakota, Alaska, and the Cook Islands have in common? Miles of scenic shoreline, for one thing. No, that’s not a joke. Landlocked South Dakota doesn’t have anything to compare to Alaska’s spectacular coastline or the reefs and beaches of the Cook Islands, a nation of 15 islands in the middle of the […]

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The Trust Capital of the U.S. – South Dakota

I’ve long extolled the virtues of South Dakota to my friends around the country.  Typically my pontificating falls on deaf ears.  They visualize South Dakota as being a barren waste land next to the Arctic Circle, void of paved roads, airports, and the Internet.   If only they knew! Outside of having the second strongest economy […]

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Protecting What You Have

“It isn’t how much money you make that matters; it’s how much you get to keep.” Recent years have shown most investors that an unfavorable stock market or global financial crisis can threaten their nest eggs. A potentially greater threat, however, is less obvious. Stock-market losses won’t ever wipe out a diversified portfolio. A lawsuit […]

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