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How Safe Is Your Safe Deposit Box?

I have routinely recommended that people use a bank safe deposit box to store valuable papers and small assets. The physical protection of a bank vault, plus a system of access requiring two keys kept by the customer and the bank, would seem to provide a great deal of security. Yet several recent news articles […]

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ID Theft Insurance? Not Recommended.

Speaking in front of an audience used to be Americans’ greatest fear. According to a Chapman University study done last year, public speaking has dropped to number five. Number one is now walking down a dark alley alone. And the number two fear? Identity theft. I found this hard to believe until I started noticing […]

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Is Credit Union Tax Exemption an Unfair Advantage?

South Dakota has no individual or corporate income taxes. I’m quick to point this out to those unfortunate enough not to live in our fair state. Most recently I was reminded of this advantage when I calculated that a California client would pay 23.8% in federal capital gains taxes and another 13% in state capital […]

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